Thursday, December 2, 2010

Max was missing

Last night, Max went missing. I couldn't find her in any of the usual spots. (As "round up the usual suspects!" was playing through my head.)

After a few minutes, I found her on this chair (which had been pushed in to the table at the time, so really it wasn't quite that obvious where she was.):
She was very happy to see me, but apparently not enough to announce her presence as I was yelling, "Max!" all over the house.


Dennis Daryl Shamblin said...

I also have parrots and enjoyed your blog. Please read my blog.

Meg said...

Typical parrots! Hide and seek is lots of fun, even when you want to be found! I usually try to get one of the other parrots to tattle, particularly Frank. He just can't wait to give away someone's hiding spot!