Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grey interactions

One of Stella's favorite places to hang out at night is Max's cage. Many theories abound as to why this is. I think it's a combination of being in our line of sight (her cage is off to the other side) and the possibility of irritating Max and getting attention for that.

For the most part, Max ignores her, unless Stella approaches her. Max was doing her best to ignore Stella last night, but did put her foot up to warn Stella to stay away:Of course Stella did not listen, but she did back up enough for Max to feel comfortable again. While it appears as though Max is asking Stella for head pets, I think she's really asking Thomas or me to come over and give her head pets and get this interloper off of her cage.
Since we try to let the parrots work out their own squabbles unless someone is in danger, Max was out of luck.
I still think these two should become friends and preen each other, but they're not listening to me!

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