Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday evening

Rocky has figured out that the placement of Basil's cage allows him to climb up on this ledge and push things to the ground. In this picture, he is looking at the fish food that he'd just knocked over.Once Thomas got home, he wanted to read his new magazine in peace. What are the chances of that happening in our house if the parrots are out? Pretty much zero. Max was demanding head pets:
Stella flew to his shoulder:
Rocky had been fake attacking his feet, so Thomas made him sit in his lap instead:Max, of course, noticed Rocky in his lap, plus the fact that Thomas had cheese and bread in his hand, so she came over:Rocky, perhaps a bit bored, climbed onto Thomas's shoulder, which could quickly turn dangerous, so they were removed right after I took this picture:Beeps, who has been extremely hormonal was getting worked up over these goings-on. He launched several attacks on Thomas, and had to go in his cage to cool down for a bit.

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belovedparrot said...

What on earth is wrong with Thomas, thinking he'd be allowed to read a magazine?