Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In the evening

Last night, I was in the kitchen when Thomas yelled that I might want to get in the living room with the camera. Stella and Rocky were coexisting on the side of the couch:This is one of their favorite places to be, but usually not at the same time. Stella likes to fly over for head pets when I am on the couch, and Rocky likes to go over when I leave the couch, possibly as a way to claim my territory.

At the same time, Beeps had been burrowing in Thomas's clothes, though he came out when I took this picture. Max doesn't like to be on the couch with us (weird) but she hangs out on the floor at our feet, chipping up Rocky's discarded chips, or just sitting there. She has her foot up to step up but if Thomas tried to pick her up to be on the couch, she'd run away.Later on, both Beeps and Rocky were burrowing in Thomas's housecoat at the same time. He had to be very careful to make sure there wasn't an unexpected meeting!

Basil is feeling slightly more comfortable with us. As soon as we open his cage door, he climbs out and perches on top of his cage. He made a few quiet, short noises last night. When I rub his feet and talk to him, I can smell his musky scent they usually only do while content (that I didn't smell at all the first couple of days.)
He doesn't really like going back in to his cage, so he gets a bit of exercise at night as he steps up, then flies away, repeat. I predict once he feels a bit more comfortable with his cage, he'll go in more willingly. He's still sleeping while hanging on to the corner of his cage bars. Surely a perch would be more comfortable?


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know about musky smells in a comfortable Amazon. Very interesting.

Audrey is the only bird I have with a smell. Well, other than the smell of grass after the others have eaten their sprouts.

belovedparrot said...

Is that his normal cage or a substitute cage you have him in?

Mary said...

BP -- he has a huge cage at home; one that would not fit in our living room (or our car to bring it here) so he's in a substitute cage -- the same one that Steve was in.

It's smaller than he's used to, but he gets out a lot more and it's only temporary. They gave me his toys and perches so hopefully that helps him to acclimate.