Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turnip snowman!

I am trying so hard to like turnips. We have made them so many different ways, but I'm beginning to suspect I will never like them.Unfortunately, we got a few more in our CSA last week, so we'll have other opportunities to try a new way of preparing them.


D. Richard said...

For the record , I HATED the following, Carrots , Spinach , Asparagus , Broccoli , Any form of Peas , and distrusted anything green. Now many years later , after trying the fore listed items prepaired several ways I have discovered that I like Carrots and Spinach and Broccoli Raw and Asparagus and Broccoli Lightly Steamed . In fact I prefer Broccoli on most anything as long as it is not over cooked .
Its all about preparation

Meg said...

Well since you mentioned this, I will be trying to send some turnip love your way tonight!

Have you tried them cubed and sauteed?

D. Richard said...

Try Potato-and-Turnip Gratin
And also slice , bread spicy fried
Just like a dense egg plant .