Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grey mischief

Yesterday, Thomas was eating scrambled eggs for lunch. The parrots love this, though we joke it's a bit cannibalistic. Stella, as usual, wanted Thomas to hold the eggs for her. He kept saying, "This isn't an egg buffet!" and "Hold your own eggs!"After a short time, after she remembered how much she loves eggs, she decided it was worth it to hold the eggs herself. Stella is in stark contrast to Max who prefers to hold everything herself, if possible.
Later, he was cooking and left the cabinet door open slightly. Stella is always on the lookout for an opening, so she flew down and was about to enter when I took this picture. Not wanting to encourage nesting, I removed her right after taking this picture.
Earlier today, we were all eating lunch in the living room. The greys flew into the kitchen. We were on the listen for trouble, but they are getting better at creating noiseless trouble. We found them on the island, taking turns biting our paper towel roll. Later, we realized that they also had taken bites out of Thomas's last banana. Max is the only one who had any evidence left (a bit of banana on her beak) but we suspect Stella was at least complicit.
They also knocked a bunch of magnets off of our fridge (this made noise, which brought us in to get them).

This was all forgotten when Stella later proved that "she's the only one who cares about me [Thomas] in this house" -- a story I will tell in the next entry.

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