Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am stranded in Boston. I waited at the airport for over 7 hours this afternoon/evening to take my flight home, when they finally informed us that they were canceling the flight and we'd have to rebook for Friday at the earliest!

This made me quite unhappy, as I am out of clean clothes and really wanted to get home. Luckily Thomas called around and got me a hotel reservation so I didn't have to worry about that; now I only have to sit and wait until I can get home again.

I asked how things were going with the parrots at home. Thomas said pretty well. Rocky apparently misses having his nemesis (me) around; though my husband could have been trying to make me feel better.

When I called him earlier, he told me that the greys were boycotting him -- they'd flown into the kitchen. They flew back to the living room when he was on the phone with me. I joked that they'd heard my voice, but it's more likely they were just being nosy. Max also bit Thomas twice -- something she never does. I think she misses me. Or at least the routine.

Beeps has apparently become aggressive against Brian, so Thomas has to stagger when they can be out, for Brian's safety. This is upsetting, but not unexpected, and one of the reasons I was hesitant to bring a budgie into our flock. We'll make it work.

Other than that, I don't really know what's going on, though I left the camera with Thomas, so I should have many updates and blog entries once I finally get home. Who knows when that will be.

I'm trying not to get too upset, as I can't change my situation. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of snow here tomorrow, so the T probably won't be running and I'll be stuck in the hotel. At least there are treadmills here and an attached bookstore. Thursday I'm hoping the weather will have calmed down enough for me to visit either the MFA or the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Or maybe I'll just mope in my room.

I had the most amazing pumpkin ravioli at my hotel this evening and may try to make it later this year. I wish I were home!


Beloved Parrot said...

Hi Mary! Hope you get home soon. It's bad all over the US, as I'm sure you know.

Of course the birds miss you -- you, not the routine. They know you're the one who keeps everything in order.

D. Richard said...

OC they miss you and they will scold you for leaving when you get back
It is only 29 degrees here in Houston at 8:30 this morning in Houston . We could actually get some snow
Above all Come home safe