Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Greys at the spa

Our house gets a bit dry in the winter with the artificial heat, so we run a humidifier in the living room for the parrots. It's on their food cart and is pointed in the direction of Calypso's cage.

The greys love to fly to his cage and sit in the stream of the humid air. They never sat on his cage door until they figured out about the humidifier.

In this last picture, you can see Calypso inside his cage, at his water dish.

Calypso does not mind if the greys are on his cage, providing they don't prevent him from entering/exiting his cage when he wants to.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Wondering what kind of humidifier you use and if you're happy with it. We've been meaning to buy one for our grey.


Mary said...

I use the AIR-O-SWISS 7133 downstairs for the parrots and the AIR-O-SWISS 7135 in my bedroom. I bought them from http://www.allergybuyersclub.com/

I love them! (And so do my greys.) They're a bit pricey and you do have to buy a new silver stick and cartridge every year, but no filter changes. Also, they inhibit bacteria and viruses.

I think the only difference is the 7133 does not have a digital read-out display which I didn't want as I thought the lights might irritate the parrots at night.

Allergy Buyers Club has many different humidifiers you can compare and great customer service as well if you have questions. I highly recommend them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'll check them out. These do sound perfect since bacteria has been my main concern and reason I haven't gone ahead and purchased one. I'm sure he's love one.