Friday, January 28, 2011


One of the highlights of my day has become spending some breakfast time with Brian while the other parrots are still sleeping in their cages. Or if not sleeping, at least quiet. Or if not quiet, at least pleasant noises (I hear a lot of "Hello Basil!" "Up!" and "Wanna come out?" -- but it's quiet and soothing.)

Here he is, going for his near-daily bite of Thomas's wheat toast:Since Thomas was in a hurry this morning, he ate his toast quickly and left a few crumbs for Brian:
However, as soon as Thomas was no longer near the toast, Brian lost interest. Instead, he came over by me to impede my completion of the sudoku puzzle:
He always stands right where I need to make a mark, and then tries to eat my pen!

Later, when Brian was safely caged and Thomas was commuting to work, I was putting tonight's dinner in the slow cooker. Since the large parrots were out, this was not as easy at it should have been. The greys came over to throw my soaked beans around. As expected, Max started this and Stella followed her lead:
I got some breathing room by giving everyone carrots. Max:
Not that I needed breathing room from Calypso, who is so low-maintenance. He's just happy being in the same room with me, even if I'm not paying direct attention to him. The greys should take lessons!

Stella doesn't like raw carrots, so she flew to the island and watched the backyard:
In a surprising, but pleasant, turn of events, Rocky did not scream at all this morning. Not even once. I had to pull out a new pair of running shoes this morning, so as soon as the parrots woke up, I gave him a shoe box. He was busy opening up a hole on the side and then hanging out in his box. Unfortunately, this only lasts a day and I don't go through shoes that quickly!


D. Richard said...

Go to your favorite shoe store and ask them for any empty shoe boxes . I used to sell shoes for Noble Shoes and despite always including the box , about 30 % of the people ware out their new shoes and want the old shoes disposed of for them . Especially Sneekers . Boots , not so much . the shoe store usually have to have the boxes halled off once a month from the crusher . They will glagly give you the boxes . i will bet tho that if you shop in High dollar stores they will not
Try footlocker and the like .

D. Richard said...

I have a question for you about food
I feed Roudybush , rainbow, and Harrisons . but something that all my birds will go nuts for is Lafbers Nutri-berries . In your opinion , Can it be healthy to be used as more than just a treat . Charles Dickens likes them so much he will tug them away from other birds to get them . They are 30% pellets anyway . I would be more comfortable if they were 70% pellets. Currently I have substituted their morning piece of an animal cracker with a nutri-berrie. I have also put the NB's in the foraging container (side note ; the others will go to the foraging block and take one after working at it a while. Linus likes to show off and empty the block all at once . the others go to the bottom of the cage and wait for the NB's to drop, should have called him the dickens )

Mary said...

Good idea on the shoes -- I actually have a good friend who is the manager of a running store and those are Rocky's favorites, so she can probably help me out. Also, I have enough running friends who go through enough shoes, so I can probably get some from them. Thanks :)

As for food, according to Lafeber's website, Nutriberries were designed as a complete diet. I have a feeling we have the same thoughts on them, given your comment -- they're not the healthiest food, but there are many worse things they could be eating! I'd continue trying to make them forage for them as much as possible (so cute about Linus!) and hopefully get them eating fresh veggies as well :)

belovedparrot said...

I visited a rescue this weekend, and there were about 8 little budgies all out playing on a playstand. They were so cute it was all I could do not to grab a handful of 'em and take 'em home!