Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long grey story

Last night after work, Thomas was trying to read the paper, but Max had other plans. She was preening herself while standing on the paper, offering her neck to him, and being adorable:It worked -- she knows how to get what she wants:
Noticing something was up, Stella flew over from her stand to perch on the back of his chair:
However, that did not afford her a good view of what was going on, so she jumped on to perch on Thomas's shoulder:
I'm not sure if she wanted in on the head pets or just wanted to prevent Max from getting them, but Stella soon flew down to the table:
I know I'm anthropomorphizing, but it looks like she's giving Max such an angry look!:
Thomas tried to give her head pets, but she just nipped at his fingers (nothing painful):
So he went back to Max:
Apparently, Stella's work here was done, so she jumped on his arm and climbed to her favorite perch:
His shoulder:

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