Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interesting finds

Last night, we ate lentil chili. Max could not stay away, even though we warned her it was hot and you could see the steam coming off of it. She ate around the edges and made sure each lentil was cool enough before eating it. Did she really think we weren't going to give her any after it had cooled so she had to grab what she could now?One of the things that Basil's owners sent along for him were puppy treats. He must have thrown one out of his cage, as Thomas found Rocky under Basil's cage, eating it:
When I was wrapping the parrots' pellets, Calypso would not stop begging, so he got one:
And when Max sees someone get something, of course she needs to receive equal treatment!


Meg said...

Are those regular dog treats Basil eats? I would think they wouldn't be the healthiest thing, but I guess they can't be much worse than the vanilla wafers a friend of mine always gives her grey!

belovedparrot said...

I'd completely forgotten about Basil! I guess you're starving him the way you're starving Beeps and Max and Stella and the rest of 'em, huh? ;-)