Friday, January 7, 2011

Thomas-Brian breakthrough

This morning, Thomas got up about 10 minutes before I did, at 6:20. I came downstairs at 6:30, expecting to get Brian out of his cage for his half-hour alone with us before the larger parrots got up, but to my surprise, he was already out. I think Beloved Parrot was right in that Brian will help heal Thomas's still-open wound from losing Ethel in 2005. They are bonding in ways he never did with Daphne.

I spoke to the volunteer who did Brian's intake. She saw the cage he was in for 10 years -- it was a round cage 10" in diameter and 12" high. She confirmed that he was never out. How is he possibly so tame?

Posting may be sporadic the next few days as I am going on another business trip. Who would have thought? Certainly not me! The last time I went on a business trip, Thomas forgot to lock Stella in her cage before going to work, leaving her with 8 hours of freedom in the house. This trip will probably be a bit longer -- I have booked three nights in the hotel -- but can come home early if we figure out the problem, or I may have to stay a bit longer if we can't. On to Boston.

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Beloved Parrot said...

Of course I'm right! How could you ever doubt it? (snort)