Monday, January 31, 2011

Attention sponges

Over the weekend, we noticed that Brian has a new way of demanding attention. It's something that's so similar to what the larger parrots do, and just adorable when it's a budgie. When he wants to come out of his cage, he bangs this blue plastic toy (the one that's hanging down, near his head) against the front of his cage. I'm going to have to put a toy in there that's a little noisier so he gets more satisfaction out of showing us his disapproval for being in his cage!He thrives on being out -- I don't know how he lasted 10 years inside!

Rocky is a bit more obvious when he wants attention -- he just climbs up!
Yesterday, I had my laundry basket near the top of the stairs so I would remember to take it down with me. Max flew over. I could tell she wanted attention, so she went someplace she thought she wasn't allowed (so that we'd tell her to get off.) However, I didn't really care if she was on the basket, as it was empty, so she had to escalate.

She walked to the other side of the basket, near the wall, and started running her beak up and down the wall so it sounded like she was eating the wall. This did get her the attention she desired, as I wanted to avoid another escalation -- one that might actually include eating the wall:And Beeps. He was in his cage as he was launching attacks (still hormonal!) and he needed some time to calm down. That didn't stop him from strutting all over his cage, flashing his eyes, trying to get attention:Once he calmed down, we did let him out.


Michelle said...

Your flock is such a riot! You must have a blast every day with them...what characters!

Meg said...

Aww, Brian is so cute! Ava is pretty obvious when she wants to come out, too. She climbs to the front of the cage, or the side nearest you, and starts biting and pinging the bars, pausing every now and then to give you a very hard demanding stare and a tweet!