Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rocky fun

(If the timeline seems a bit weird, that's because I wrote this entry Sunday but had trouble with the videos so couldn't post until Tuesday.)

Since Rocky was a little sad that I've returned to the household, Thomas was trying to give him a little bit of extra attention. During the past few days, Max has also become obsessed with Rocky. She's been following him around and frequently buzzing him. Yesterday, she and Rocky were on the shower curtain rod as Thomas showered. Apparently Max tackled Rocky and the two of them tumbled down to the shower floor. So Max will be in some of these videos/pictures, and she was probably close but cropped out of those where she doesn't appear!For these videos -- sorry about my background laughing (though some of the laughing is from the birds as well), but it was so funny in person. At first, Thomas was pretending that Rocky was a hidden weapon and drawing him out of his jacket. Then, he started mimicking one of the scenes from one of our favorite TV shows, The Office (British version).

In the final video, Thomas was playing with Rocky, who loves this kind of hands-on interaction. It also helps keep him healthy between vet visits, as Thomas can check him over for more tumors and keep tabs on the tumor on his uropygial gland to make sure it's not increasing in size.


Elizabeth said...

Cute! I love it when parrots let you turn them upside down. I'm so impressed that Rocky lets Thomas spread out Rocky's wings. My cockatiels are very pliable but they wouldn't allow that.

Mary said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! In my experience, macaws tend to be much more accepting of wing-touching than other species. At the rescue, if a macaw likes me, I can almost always trim his/her wings without toweling while I would never think of trying that with a grey!

Carrie S said...

I like the last video because Rocky seems so content laying with Thomas and he looks so handsome with his wings spread out. Although his laughing at the end is kind of disturbing. :)

I don't get the office thing, not that I watched the show though.

Anonymous said...

The trust between Rocky and Thomas is amazing. I think Rocky's laughing when Thomas is tickling him is adorable. It's like a little kid. Lucky enjoyed it. He started laughing, too.

Lucky's mom

D. Richard said...

I love how it sounds like Rocky is literally Giggling in the last vid

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Giggling parrots make us :)