Friday, January 14, 2011

Back home

Finally, I am home. Or at least near home, as I am actually at work as I type this. I was starting to wonder if this would ever happen! This morning's flight was delayed as well, adding to my suspicion that I may just have to acquiesce and move to Boston since things were conspiring to keep me there.

My last days in Boston were uneventful. I did make it over to the MFA and got to see the new Art of the Americas wing that was still under construction during our visit last April.

I stopped at home earlier today just for a few minutes to quickly shower and head to work. Basil was especially happy to see me, which was a surprise. He went into his repertoire "Hello Basil Bird! Hello Basil! I got your foot!" while pinning his eyes and fanning his tail. I can't wait to see how excited he gets when he sees his owner again!

Unfortunately while I was gone, Max plucked out a good portion of her chest feathers. I haven't yet had the chance to talk to Thomas -- did he forget to run the humidifier, or did she really pluck because I was gone (she doesn't pluck when we both are gone or when just Thomas is, so that would be strange.) I'll post pictures this weekend.

The greys were very happy to see me, as were the caiques. However, the caiques went into overload -- they were a little too happy -- and showed me signs they were going to bite if I tried to handle them (this is normal when I return from a trip) -- they'll calm down in a few days. Even Brian was chirping and begging to come out -- another surprise since he's only known me a few weeks. Probably this had more to do with wanting to come out of his cage than wanting to be with me! Thomas did tell me that Brian has been spending most of the evening on Thomas's shoulder, so I'm sure he's loving that freedom after being locked up for so long.

I suspect Rocky was disappointed to have his dream interrupted with reality by my return. He screamed the entire time I was home this morning. Earlier in the week, when Thomas would hold the phone up to him so I could talk to him, he attempted to attack the phone. This is in contrast to when Thomas is on the phone: Rocky gets so excited, sometimes blushes, and says, "Hi Rock!" This is also in contrast to Stella who bent her head and tried to make the phone give her head pets when she heard my voice.

I am so glad to be back! I had asked Thomas to take lots of pictures so I'd know what really went on when I was gone, but he didn't take any! Things will be back to normal on the blog soon with me in charge of the camera again.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! We have our last 20+ miler before our marathon next month; we're planning on doing that tomorrow morning. This will be Thomas's first marathon since 2001. I'm also volunteering at a race Sunday, which will be cold since I don't get to move around like the runners do. Other than that, I'm hoping to spend a lot of time at home with the parrots.


Richard Lyon said...

Glad you are home!

I need to reread the past few entries.... basil bird isn't striking any chords.....

Rocky probably missed you. I've noticed with Harley, that he thinks nothing says I love you like a good bite......

Richard and Harley

Shannon said...

Whew! So glad you are home and safe. From your report, it does seem that it was good you got home no later than you did... :) Take care and skritch Max and Stella for me!

D. Richard said...

I am truly happy you are home safe .
Whom else would I get to help me live out my fantasy of owning larger birds when I have all my little ones . God Bless