Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brian's tumor

Thanks again for everyone's good wishes regarding Brian. I did speak with the director of the rescue about his regurgitation/vomiting and she wasn't worried at this point since he hasn't done it again and also because he didn't end up with a mess on his face. If needed, we can take him to the vet, but I am more apprehensive about taking budgies in due to their size. He was seen about a month ago, right before we took him in, so probably nothing has changed in that time.

He's not showing any signs of slowing down and is even going through a molt! I took this picture in an effort to get a picture of his tumor. You can see his left side sticks out a bit more than it should, though this picture isn't the greatest.At night, he climbs over Thomas and me and preens us. He's so gentle! Have I mentioned how much I love budgies?

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D. Richard said...

Love budgies? No I never heard it before.