Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weird nesting

Friday night after work, the caiques were still worked up about my absence. For some reason, Beeps has been taking out his frustration on Thomas instead of me. He launched himself at Thomas and was about to attack, but Thomas managed to shake him by dropping to the ground and protecting himself under the table.

What a surprise for Rocky as Thomas stayed under the table until I could get Beeps in his cage to cool down! In years past, Rocky had tried to build a nest for the two of them under the table. When he saw Thomas there, he ran as fast as he could to take up his place.

As Max is obsessed with Rocky and with attention, she came down to see what was going on and started demanding head pets as well:Since Stella is obsessed with making sure things are equal between her and Max, she came over also. She flew to the chair from her stand and then slid down the chair back until she had a good view of things:
You'd think this would be enough for her:
But she wanted to be on the same chair as Max. This could not end well and we don't want to encourage any kind of nesting behavior in enclosed, dark places, so everyone was removed from the nest and returned to stands.

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