Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breakfast Brian

One thing we're doing to get some safe out time for Brian is to allow him to roam the kitchen table while we're eating breakfast and the larger parrots are still in their cages. I'm going to have to get some videos of him as he is so adorable running around.

Thomas was eating his cottage cheese when Brian started coming to see what was going on. This made me so happy! Thomas never got over the loss of his favorite bird ever, Ethel, a tumor budgie who was with us for a short time and died in 2005. I am armchair psychoanalyzing here, but I think that he never really got close to Daphne and is trying to stay aloof from Brian because he doesn't want to get hurt so badly again.

Daphne loved attention, but was more laid-back and undemanding, so Thomas was able to not get close to her. I don't think Brian is going to give him that choice.And then he jumped up on his bowl! Brian didn't eat any of the cottage cheese; he just wanted to be in on the action.Thomas had to remove him so he could clean up, and he set Brian on the budgie perch:Brian didn't stay there long; preferring to hop off and run over to perch on the tissue box:
His former owners have no idea what they missed out on by keeping him in his cage. He has so much personality! I am in love!


Elizabeth said...

Too cute! Now I want a budgie.

Meg said...

Oohh, the budgie bug! It gets you every time.

Brian looks so sweet! Makes me want to go give Ava a hug!

Carrie S said...

Love the picture sequence of Brian moving in on the bowl. What a lucky little guy coming to your home!

belovedparrot said...

Yes, Brian is a very lucky guy. But so are you and Thomas -- Brian will help Thomas heal.