Monday, January 31, 2011


Basil will frequently sleep while we hang out in the living room. This is just fascinating to me as none of my birds will sleep in front of me. Daphne did towards the end of her life, but not when she was younger. This may seem hard to believe, but I have never seen any of my birds sleep. They must do so. Maybe they have to stay on the lookout as they're afraid we're going to get them? But then why would Basil feel comfortable doing so?

Even when I've gone downstairs in the middle of the night and peeked in on them, they must hear me coming down and they're up!Brian is quite possibly the cutest guy ever. He's been with us over a month now, and every day I am so happy to have him in my life. He was preening Thomas's hair:And then moved on to his beard stubble. He is so gentle when he does this; it's amazing. Rocky had to come up to see what was going on. He is not bird-aggressive at all, so was fine once he realized that Brian would preen Thomas, leaving all of Thomas's attention for Rocky.
To me, she looks like she really wants to sleep, but instead she just fluffs up a bit (in the stream of the humidifier). This is the closest I have come to seeing any of my birds sleep -- perched, standing still, not getting into trouble.
Weekend recap on the owls:

Friday morning, Thomas and I heard (but did not see) a great-horned owl, getting our owl weekend off to an early start! Friday evening, we joined a naturalist for a presentation on owls and then a short hike to look for owls. We saw and heard a screech owl! Saturday, we went out to look for short-eared owls, but they apparently had left the area. Still, it was a successful owl weekend!


Michelle said...

I have never seen my birds sleep either. Even when I get up at night to go to the bathroom, I can hear them rustling in their room (which is right across the hall from mine). Either they are light sleepers or chronic insomniacs! LOL!

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

So glad you had a great owl weekend! Screech owls are tricky ones to actually see.... what a treat!

Elphie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who never sees her birds sleeping. Actually, as is often the case when it comes to birds, each bird has its own rules for letting me see them sleep.
I've never seen my caique sleep. That's partly due to the fact that at night he sleeps in a tent which is too dark to see inside from more than a foot away.
One bird naps during the day in front of me and even sometimes on me, but I never catch her sleeping at night.
The funniest is my lovebird who keeps his head tucked in his wing but opens one eye to check out what I'm doing there. It cracks me up.

belovedparrot said...

Evidently I have the laziest birds of you all -- all three of mine have no qualms about sleeping in front of me. Nap time, bed time, whenever the mood strikes the little heads go back and the foot goes up.

Best in Flock parrot blog said...

Mika naps in front of me fairly frequently; she tucks her head into her back all proper. Stewie will snuggle up against his Cozy Corner and close his eyes, but he rarely tucks his head in.

When I was little, my family had a cockatoo and I swear that bird never slept. Even if I snuck downstairs in the middle of the night and peeked under the cover... he was right there peeking right back at me. He was a hoot.