Monday, January 31, 2011


I could not find Rocky yesterday. He was nowhere to be found, which worried me. Luckily, he responds when I call his name, so I was able to track him down to a general area; however, I just couldn't find him. Finally, I realized he'd climbed into Beeps's cage and was camouflaged among Beeps's toys:Yesterday, Thomas was removing the birds' dinner dishes so they could be washed. Rocky was apparently not yet ready to stop eating, as he climbed on the dish and then found a nut while Thomas went into the kitchen.
He also was attacking Thomas over the weekend when Thomas was wearing normal clothes (i.e. not scrub pants, a mostly-white old T-shirt, and an old housecoat). Rocky has gotten very particular about what Thomas can wear. We decided to experiment, so I put on scrub pants, a mostly-white old T-shirt, and an old housecoat. We thought maybe that would make Rocky like me, but it didn't work. He seemed a bit confused (why are you in Thomas's clothes?) but it didn't change his mind.

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Brittney said...

Are you sure Beeps isn't sending telepathic messages to my Amazon??? :-p They must be on the same biological clock. Sunny has been striking at me when I'm near his cage and has flown at me three times the past couple days.