Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still in Boston

I spoke with Thomas earlier and he said, "Those parrots, I tell you, they're too much work for one person!" I completely agree, based on my experiences when Thomas goes out of town and when he used to have to spend the night at work, but asked him what prompted that observation.

Last night, he had all of the parrots out except Beeps. Beeps has decided that Brian is his enemy, and it's not safe to have them out at the same time. Brian was preening Thomas's beard as they sat on the couch.

Then he got a call from me -- my flight was definitely canceled and could he please book me a reservation at a hotel that had treadmills, laundry service, and a restaurant. He put Brian away and went upstairs to the computer, taking Rocky with him on his shoulder. He left Calypso and the greys free downstairs. (Personally, not a big fan of this -- leaving them unsupervised -- but he was in a hurry.)

As Thomas was on the phone with the reservation person, he heard a grey click, looked down, and Max had followed him upstairs! So he put her on his lap. A few minutes later, he heard another grey click -- Stella had followed Max upstairs! So he put her on his arm. That meant he had Rocky on his shoulder, Max on his lap, and Stella on his arm as he made my hotel reservation.

"They're driving me nuts! I wish you were here!" he told me. Me, too.

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