Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Allopreening routine

Most nights after dinner, Stella flies to the arm of the couch and engages me in allopreening. Actually, 95% of that is me preening her, but occasionally I get preened a bit (not much is fair when parrots are involved):When she gets sick of me, she finishes preening herself:
And then settles in, grinding her beak, waiting for bed:


Sam said...

Ahhhhhh! Bless! Monts like to preen my ears and side of my nose?!!! Think she thinks thats my beak?!!!! But as you say they get most of the attention when it comes to preening ;)

Beloved Parrot said...

Yeah, I've noticed that with my parrots. They preen me for two seconds and expect two hours' worth from me in return.

That beak grinding in the evenings is one of the most wonderful sounds.