Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Rocky

Rocky only seems to do this when I'm the only human at home with the parrots; perhaps he's searching for Thomas. He looks out our patio door; the only parrot-height window. As soon as he sees me, he puts on a good front; dancing and singing, but when he doesn't know I'm looking, he just stares out the window. I don't know why he'd search for Thomas here, though he has, on occasion, seen him mowing the lawn from this vantage point. However, Thomas never enters/exits through the patio door, as there is no second barrier to make sure the parrots can't escape.Rocky loves towels. I cover Brian's cage at night with a towel that I keep on the bottom of his stand during the day. This was just too enticing for Rocky, who had to play with the towel.
I always use a stick to transport Rocky; this keeps me safe and allows my blood to remain inside my body. One thing I find curious is how Rocky could, if he wanted to, run down the stick to attack, but he never does so.
I should be grateful for that and not question it, but of course I like to try to figure out what makes him tick. He's got me stumped!

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