Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm making a lasagne...

...for one.

Anyway, not sure how I lived without a slow cooker for so long, but I got one for Christmas and have since been using it several times a week.

Last night, Thomas had put our slow cooker veggie lasagne on the counter so he could dish it out. He left it unattended to grab a serving spoon and returned to find this:


Meg said...

Can't leave anything, can you?

Interesting to note about Lasagna, I grew up on meatless lasagna, not full blown veggie lasagna, but meatless. My family wasn't vegetarian (and they still aren't) but we always had variety, you might say, never too much meat. I hardly noticed going vegetarian. Anyway, I never realized meaty lasagna was the norm when I was little! Quite disappointing to me every time I had it somewhere, it seemed to plain in comparison.

Mary said...


I had a similar experience with chili. We always ate it meatless, and once I ordered it at a restaurant. Imagine my surprise when it was basically ground beef in chili sauce!

The thing I don't like about most meatless lasagnes in restaurants is that it's usually with white sauce when I much prefer tomato.

Breanne said...

How did she manage not to burn her feet on the edge of the crock pot?!

Meg said...

I know the feeling with Chili! I refused to eat it the first time I ordered it as a child, I couldn't believe that was chili. I thought chili was beans and veggies, not taco meat with extra water! Fortunately, though, in the south, chili often does mean more than that.

Yep, Mom's lasagna is made with tomato sauce, plus ricotta cheese and spinach. Very good!