Friday, March 25, 2011

Nutty Stella

The greys were begging me for treats this morning; all I was willing to offer up was a bit of apple and then pellets. They were not happy about this, but I want to make sure they get proper nutrition -- if I left it to them, I suspect they'd eat nothing but cashews!

Speaking of which, Stella apparently noticed a cashew that had been dropped in the tray of one of the kitchen stands. She went down to get it and then proceeded to eat it while hanging upside down from the grate.
She's not typically as athletic and playful as my other parrots, so it was a joy to see her like this.


Elphie said...

Great photo!
Also, my caique is being a little hormonal. At the same time, he's decided to stop eating his Harrison's and prefers dried fruit to all other foods, including nutriberries. Does Beeps eat differently when he's being hormonal? I still get my caique to eat the Harrison's, but it's a challenge and it never has been before. He's around six.I don't know of the diet and acting hormonal are related or not. Any thoughts?

Mary said...


Beeps does eat differently when he's hormonal, but in a different way than your caique.

Also, he only gets pellets in the morning and gets seed mix/veggies at night, so if he's hungry in the morning, he has no choice but to eat pellets. So it's possible that he would do the same thing as your caique if given the chance.

What he does (and I'll try to get pictures) is that when he's not hormonal, he eats whatever pellets he wants and then leaves the rest untouched in his dish.

When he is hormonal, he still eats the pellets he wants, but he takes the pellets he doesn't want to eat and crushes them into a powder, so at the end of the day, his dish looks like I'd fed him Harrison's fine instead of coarse.

It does make sense that what your caique is doing might be hormone-related. In the wild, he'd probably need to stock up on calories in order to build the nest and put his energy into mating/rearing young, etc., so he'd choose the most calorie-dense foods available to him. However, this is just speculation.

Very interesting observation! Keep me updated!