Monday, March 28, 2011

In which Max irritates Rocky

Max has been in a mood lately. Once again, I wish I could know what was going through their heads. For the past few days, she's been frequently bothering Rocky -- wanting to be near him. I'm pretty sure it's not a friendship overture, at least he doesn't see it as such!

Over the weekend, Rocky was hanging out under the kitchen table. Max followed him under there. He didn't want her to be there, but she was ignoring his "BACK OFF!!!" posture:She was prancing around a bit; the way she does when she's up to something. Then, she started ignoring his protests in a more deliberate manner:
Even though someone was enjoying the show:
we removed her and occupied her with something else.


Michelle said...

Smart move removing Max. I don't think Rocky was going to be subtle much

Mary said...

Michelle -- yes; though he is not bird-aggressive at all, he may have snapped the way she was taunting him!