Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Back in the routine, Brian was "helping" me with the Sudoku puzzle yesterday morning. Unfortunately, his idea of help involves standing directly on the puzzle. Usually this is accompanied by him chattering to the pen in my hand. I asked Thomas to get a picture of this, but Brian stopped chattering to the pen when he noticed the camera.Of course. I'd forgotten about his obsession with the camera. Had I known when we got him, I might have renamed him Norma Desmond.

He's certainly ready for his close-up!

Michelle asked in a comment when I was on vacation about Brian's health and age, seeing that he is so spry. He's about 10 years old, and has a pretty large tumor. We were asked to take him on as a hospice budgie; however, he's shown to have much more energy than expected, so hopefully we'll have him a lot longer than originally thought!


Pamela said...

What a handsome little budgie!

[my word verification is "dingl"
the 12-year-old boy in me is giggling]

D. Richard said...

Of course you do realize that he has more energy only due to your Loving , Healthy household . He may just decide to stick around a few more years just for the chance to get one of Beeps tail feathers .

Elphie said...

Brian might be the cutest budgie ever. He's such a Ham for the camera. Thanks for sharing. I live vicariously when it come to having a budgie:)

Mary said...

Pamela -- thanks!

D. Richard -- thanks for the compliment. I hope we have several more years with him. He's amazing!

Elphie -- thanks; I certainly think he's the cutest budgie ever, but I am biased :)