Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dinner time

Last night, Thomas worked a bit later than usual. The general routine is that I feed the parrots dinner when we eat (this reduces the incidents of parrots flying over and asking us for our food) but when Thomas is late, I feed them earlier.

Stella was being quite the bully to Calypso, so I fed him in the kitchen, which he loved.Occasionally, Max would try to knock Calypso off of his perch with that toy (of course not when I was taking a picture!) Finally I threw her in the living room so she could eat her own food and leave him in peace.

Speaking of dinner, over the past few weeks, we've noticed that Basil will not eat dinner unless we're there. A true flock animal (and he's not even part of our permanent flock!) Last night, he had his dinner for an hour before we ate. He just sat on his door, and as soon as Thomas and I sat down to eat, he ran to his dish and ate as though he were starving.

He does eat during the day when we are gone, so this is something that's unique to dinner.

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Beloved Parrot said...

That is so sweet. I know they're flock animals, but it's still touching to know they wait. Mine do that, too -- even when I know they're hungry they'll wait for me.