Monday, March 14, 2011

And we're back

Thomas and I just got back from a week and a half in Amsterdam. I'd set up blog entries to post while we were gone to keep things interesting here. So sorry for not responding to comments -- I hope to get on that soon!

We had a great time, though the timing was poor as we'd been in New Orleans for a week, home for 10 days, and then gone again. This time, things worked out such that our bird sitter stayed in our house while we were gone. This was perfect as the birds got out almost as much as they would have had we been home!

Also, Max and our bird sitter have had a rocky relationship in the past, but this time together allowed them to become friends again.

Calypso absolutely loves her; he'd climb down his cage and look for her. He's probably sad we've returned. Also sad is Basil, our foster bird, who tolerates us, but loves her. The first day back, he'd strike at us when we walked past his cage, but things are back to normal now. It's looking like he'll be able to go home next month, though nothing is certain yet.

Our reintroduction into the house went very smoothly. I really think having her living in the house was key to this.

The greys were a little needy, and Stella had to regurgitate to both of us to let us know how much she missed us, but here's the scene a few hours after we were home:Normally, they wouldn't have wanted to leave us yet for food, but in this case it was too tempting.

I hope to get caught up on comments, e-mails, and reading your blogs soon!

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