Friday, March 18, 2011


Brian eating bread:This has become a cherished morning routine.


D. Richard said...

If I may ask , What is it that makes Brian so endearing when eating off of your plate when the greys would like nothing much better than the same . The small size or is he just so mild mannered about it , or perhaps have you simply become very fond of him in a very short time .
Dont take it as any sort of criticism
I let Hollywood eat off of my plate until I realized she had a greater fascination with the fork than the food . So now I take 1 bite , let Hollywood steal the fork then continue with another fork . Makes for much smoother eating when I give in .

Mary said...

Good question and one I hadn't posed myself, or even realized my hypocrisy on the issue!

I think you hit the nail on the head on both accounts. Small birds delight me so much and I love it when they show off their personality. Plus, because he's so small, he's unobtrusive and leaves when Thomas wants to eat his toast; unlike Max who keeps pestering and eventually threatens to bite.

I will ponder this some more and you may end up provoking a long rambly blog entry about this!

Thanks for the insight :)

Meg said...

For me, the biggest deterrent is how pushy the larger birds can become... while Yo-yo will constantly fly to eat off my plate even if I give him his own, he never bites and is alwyas (all things considered when a tiel is in the middle of your salad) very polite. Claudia, on the other hand, would bite if she was ever allowed to claim my plate as hers.

Still, I usually keep Yo-yo away form my food just as much as Claudia. I know he will eat anything, no need to prove it! Ava, on the other hand....

D. Richard said...

thought you might get a kick out of seeing a large Amazon with a Fischer
go to youtube and search /watch?v=t5xnmRZHUi0