Friday, March 18, 2011

Mr. Hormone

I thought we'd be passed this by this time of the year, but Beeps continues to be one giant hormone. As soon as he sees me, he starts regurgitating. As soon as he sees Thomas, he tries to attack. When not hormonal, he is equally tame to us; if anything, he has a slight preference for Thomas.

As a result, he's not getting out as much as he used to; however, he is content in his cage, and I make sure he gets out several times a day, even if only for a few minutes each time. When allowed out, he needs to be heavily supervised as he really wants to be on Basil's cage. Basil does not want him there and this causes major problems. (Mostly Basil freaking out and making the loudest, most unpleasant noise imaginable. I don't want to see this escalate to violence, however, so Beeps is always swiftly removed from his cage. Basil continues to protest for a few minutes even after Beeps is gone.)

I got home from work last night and Thomas informed me that Beeps had tried to attack him 5 times in the past 2 minutes. Good thing Thomas has strong reflexes and was able to move out of the way of the fly-by attack.

This picture isn't the best, but since the camera triggers attacks, I only had one shot at him. Especially since he was on my arm!
Poor guy! Hopefully he'll start feeling himself again soon. We miss the fun, playful Beeps who has other things on his mind than feeding me and driving away the competition (i.e. my husband.)

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