Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday evening

Thomas had to work late again last night, so I was hanging out with the parrots in the kitchen. Because Calypso was with me, I didn't put his dinner on his cage; otherwise, the other parrots eat all of his food (or, more likely, throw it out of the dish onto the floor) before he gets there.The greys still managed to find his dish that had been covered with a cloth (they removed the cloth.)
Later, Max started helping herself to our dinner:And once all food was removed from her area, she started begging to be picked up instead:When I went to pick her up, she quickly changed to wanting head pets. She's tricky that way!

On a different topic, I do not mean to steal Shannon's blog excitement at all, but Steve has been making such progress with her that I felt compelled to post a link to his most recent achievement. It is hard to overstate what a great job Shannon is doing with him, and more proof of what patience can do. This has made my week!

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Michelle said...

Greys have such an intelligent look about them. I, too, am excited about Steve's progress. My heart soars every time he gains more confidence. Shannon is, indeed, doing a fabulous job with him.