Monday, March 28, 2011

Crash landing

When Brian was surrendered to the rescue, his wings were clipped. Unfortunately, the facility does not have a way to keep flighted birds safe, so that's standard policy. He's molting right now, which means he has some flight feathers growing in.

He's still learning to fly (obviously) and doesn't always do so gracefully, which is to be expected. We hope to allow him to fly, assuming that it can be done so safely with the much larger parrots in our house.

Last night, he decided to take off. I'm not sure where his intended destination was, but I doubt it was a kitchen drawer:


Stephanie Taylor said...

I love the way they land on something random and then you find them holding on for dear life a few seconds later!

Michelle said...

When my cockatiel, Gabriel, had his wings clipped when he was young, he began to fly backwards. Ever since then I have not clipped his wings....that was fifteen years ago...and he still flies backwards even with all of his flight feathers! Silly bird. I love how Brian found a perfect perch on the drawer handle. Quite inventive that boy.

Elphie said...

Ha ha! Just today my Meyer's was startled by a noise outside and took off flying...only she had no idea where she was going. She landed in a pile of clothes and called for me to come get her.

I'm still working with a stubborn caique who has decided to stop eating his pellets. My Meyer's is eating the pellets, so there's nothing wrong with them. As far as I can tell nothing else has changed, so I'm calling it a phase for now. :)

Mary said...

Stephanie -- yes! I did feel bad not rescuing him immediately so I could take this picture, but it was so cute I had to!

Michelle -- how funny! I don't think I've seen any of mine fly backwards. They are so inventive!

Elphie -- oh, the rescue call. Calypso is a bad flyer, so if he gets startled somewhere, he usually resorts to the rescue call so he doesn't have to work to fly back to where he wants to go.

Sorry your caique is still being so stubborn about his pellets. Probably is a phase and he'll be loving them again soon.