Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rocky's scab removal service

Thomas has a scab on his arm, given to him by Beeps. He's been trying to get Rocky to remove it for him for a few days. You can see it off to Rocky's left:Here, Rocky's testing it, but it's not quite ready to go.
Both Rocky (for Thomas) and Calypso (for me) have amazing scab-removal skills. They test the scab daily and when it's ready to go, they painlessly remove it.

Of course, I would love to live in a world where this service was not needed. Less frequently every year, so that's a good thing!


Best in Flock parrot blog said...

Your guys must be very gentle. Mine will just try to bite off anything that doesn't belong... even it it's not the sort of thing that actually comes off (for example: a mole). Ouch.

shannon said...

Uh, have some special scab removers. My cockatiel is of the "see it and rip it off" mentality, no matter what it is: new scab, mole, etc. Agree with Best in Flock!

Sam said...

YES! I agree with Best in Flock too! Monts sees anything like that at all and wants a peice of it whether it is ready or not!!! Mind you she does prefer Mr A's stubble before he shaves she actually will sit there and eat it :-/ YUK!

Mary said...

Only Rocky (for Thomas) and Calypso (for me) are gentle. So we must hide all imperfections from everyone else.

Sam -- I wonder if Brian is eating Thomas's stubble or just preening it. You have me wondering. I will have to check this weekend.