Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Basil shows more of his personality

Thomas got home from work about an hour before I did on Monday. When I got home, most of the parrots, including Basil, were hanging out with him in the kitchen. This was odd, as Basil usually just stays on his cage. I asked Thomas what happened.

He told me that he was in the kitchen and Basil was in the living room, like usual. But then Basil started screaming ("I've never heard that noise before!") in a way that made Thomas think he was lonely, so he brought him in with the rest of the birds.

He didn't exactly step up willingly, but was happy once he was in the kitchen. He's not used to being handled in his home, so we're slowly working on that.

Relaxed, on one foot:Ms. Jealous; as I was taking Basil's picture, Max had to come over and start pecking at my shoulder to get the attention back on her, where she thinks it belongs:
Eating some food:

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