Wednesday, March 23, 2011


With Thomas working late yesterday, Rocky was stuck with me. He mostly played in the hallway, rearranging Thomas's shoes:He did feel the need to (halfheartedly) threaten me when I was taking the above picture:


Saemma said...

Thanks for sharing! I find it a big hoot to read about Rocky! Ever wonder why he loves your spouse so much? For some reason my severe macaw really liked me from the start and I didn't even LIKE any type of macaw at the time. I've often wondered about how and why Severes seem to be drawn to certain people and simply *tolerate* other people.

Mary said...

Severes are among the most one-person bonded of all the parrot species, so Thomas got lucky with Rocky. I've had severes at the rescue where I volunteer who absolutely loved me -- we just didn't bring them home :)

That being said, macaws in general tend to love him. He is confident handling them, plays with them like they love, and there's just something about him they like. I joke he is half-macaw since it is the rare macaw that doesn't love him.

I do have frequent talks with Rocky about how much better his life would be if he had two people that could play hands-on with him, but he's not listening. Luckily our relationship has improved over the past 5 years, so maybe 10-15 years down the road he'll love me as much as he loves Thomas. I can only hope!