Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Attention getting: step by step instructions

Max provided a step-by-step instruction manual this morning on how to get attention.

Step 1: Fly close to your intended target and act cute. Too bad he's tying his shoe and not paying attention! This requires additional work...Step 2: Lean over and try to grab on to his clothes, or possibly, skin. Drats! He's just a little too far away!
Step 3: Put your foot out so he knows you want to step up. How much clearer can you be? But this only works if he's looking at you and not still tying his shoe!
Step 4: When he goes to the freezer to grab ice cubes for his water bottle, fly over and land on top.
Step 5: Success!
Note Stella's more effective way -- just fly to his shoulder! Even though that is not allowed, but Thomas is a soft touch, so she got away with it, again, this morning.

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