Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blueberries and retrieve

Since blueberries are frequently referred to as a superfood, we're trying to incorporate them into our diet more frequently. That also goes for the parrots! The caiques, of course, have never met a fruit they didn't like, so they gobble them up. The rest of the parrots, not so much. But we keep trying.Today, we had success with Stella. As long as we slightly open the berry for her, she eats it. She also will not hold it with her foot, so it's helpful if we hold a hand under her to catch it if it falls.
She ended up eating three berries this morning.

Max is another story, but she made us laugh! Thomas gave her a berry, then left his toast on the counter while attending Stella.

We follow a modified "Nothing in life is free" plan with Max, who generally loves to show off how smart she is by working for her food. She took this to the extreme this morning, as she apparently thought the blueberry resembled the beads we use to practice retrieve.

She took the berry, placed it in the middle of the toast, and then helped herself to a treat.


The Homeless Parrot said...

The look on Max's face is absolutely priceless.

Beloved Parrot said...