Thursday, June 24, 2010


Last night, I got home before Thomas. My goal was to have dinner ready when he got home from work, but I was delayed by all of the parrots.

I hadn't been home the past two evenings due to a meeting (Monday) and a yoga class (Tuesday). I saw the parrots only briefly, so I guess they were making up for lost time last night!

Max flew over and started destroying the recipe I'd printed off to make roasted kohlrabi:She just got the margins, so I will still be making this over the weekend!

Beeps was very needy and wanted to spend time perched on my hand/arm. This would have been fine, except that Max saw this and decided that she needed to be on me as well. Therefore, I was unable to do anything to advance dinner preparations since both hands were occupied with parrots. Things got really hairy when Stella also wanted to be picked up. I only have two hands!

I tossed the greys back to their stand and got Beeps to perch on my side so I could get started and show Thomas some progress when he got home! (It was hard to get a good picture of this since he was so close to me -- out of focus!)
Rocky ran over and decided to go through my purse. I managed to get him away before he'd done any damage.
Finally, I got Rocky situation in Thomas's flannel with some wood pieces and the rest of the parrots on stands, so I could start getting the greens ready. Max kept saying "want some!" and she did:
Calypso also enjoyed the lettuce:
As did Stella, who required that I hold it for her.
Rocky and Beeps were given some, but they destroyed it before I could get a picture. I don't think they actually ate any!

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