Monday, June 7, 2010

Double perching

For me, one of the benefits of having flighted greys is that I can toss them into the living room from the kitchen when I want them in a different room. I do not need to be a transporter.Apparently Thomas feels differently, though he's unwilling to make a second trip, so he doubles up!


Carrie said...

We sometimes let Verde have pretty decent wing growth. The tell-tale sign is that he is put on a stand or cage and 3 seconds later is flying right back over to you. Also we enjoy "tossing" him and letting him fly somewhere. Since he's normally clipped it's a bit of a novelty for us to watch him control his flight.

Michelle said...

Ahhh yes, flight feathers. I wish my TAG had them. Actually, I wish he had his body feathers period! He is feather picker that I rescued 10 months ago. His name is Timothy and he is a total delight. Your babies are delightful as well. So beautiful with such fun personalities. I visit your blog often...such fun to be had!