Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're back!

Last week, we stayed in a cabin on a lake for some relaxation, hiking, and nature-watching. (I had previously set some entries up to auto-publish on the blog).

The parrots were pretty good for our bird-sitter; as usual, the greys were the problem. She expects poor behavior from Max, who was better than she expected (it helps to have low expectations).

Stella, on the other hand, bolted out of her cage every morning. It scared our bird sitter the first time! I told her that given the way that Stella was cage-bound when we first got her, I was thrilled with the way she wanted to be out of her cage, though I was sorry she had to worry about a grey to the face!

When we returned (one day early, as Thomas missed the parrots too much, among other reasons), Stella would not leave him alone. He was putting the groceries back in the fridge, with a partner:Later on, he was relaxing with a glass of beer. The greys both came over and started banging their beaks on the glass. Of course, they were not allowed any alcohol!
Maybe they can start a grey band, if they get some rhythm.

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