Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At the nature center

I volunteer on the board of a local nature center. I was up there last Friday for a dedication ceremony, and on the bird feeder were: male and female cardinal, blue jay, rose breasted grosbeak, and a smaller yellow bird (maybe some kind of warbler?) All at once! It was a beautiful sight -- all of those striking colors.

I was up at the center again on Monday for a meeting. This time, it was just a male cardinal and a rose breasted grosbeak on the feeder, but the grosbeak took off flying before I could take the picture. That's him in the lower right hand corner.At the dedication, I was talking to some of the naturalists and expert birders, and several people offered to take Thomas and me out birding. I am so excited! I think that being around people who know what they're doing will help us to be more proficient, especially with identifications.

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