Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cranberry surprise

This morning, Stella flew to the counter and started exploring the container in which we keep our dried cranberries. She attempted to eat the berries through the plastic, then she tried to destroy the container, and finally she started throwing the container around.It was obvious she wanted some, though neither of our greys have ever eaten any dried fruit. Thomas kept telling her that she doesn't like them, so he didn't want to get up to give her some. But she was persistent, so he gave in, to prove her wrong.And wouldn't you know it, she ate cranberries as though they were her favorite food ever! Thomas complained she was doing this just to spite him, but I don't ascribe sinister motives to her. He does tend to think the greys are out to get him, though I think that might just be for comedic value.

He allowed her access to the container after a few minutes; I had to remove the container from her sight after she'd had enough.
Max still wasn't interested in dried fruit, though we did try after seeing the success with Stella.

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