Monday, June 28, 2010


Max loves caps! I might see if I can buy some to make cap toys for her. She doesn't chew them up; she just likes licking the remaining liquid from them. But even after she's done that, she likes to hold the caps and manipulate her tongue around them.

None of our other parrots show any interest in the caps, which just leaves more for Max!


Carrie said...

I save mine to give them to the place I get my hair done. They recycle them so they don't end up on the ground after the garbageman dumps the bin. You could have as many as you want, if you're so inclined!

Mary said...

I'll talk to you on Thursday about this. I'll have to see if she plays with them when they're strung up on a toy and then maybe take you up on your offer!

Have you tried them with the conures? The caps might be a little big for them, though!

carrie said...

I sometimes share them with the greenies as well, if I have a little bottle of juice. They really seem to enjoy Nantucket Nectar. So I pour a bit in the lid and let them drink out of it. It typically gets knocked over or thrown on the ground

littlewings11 said...

My african grey Bert loves bottle caps too. I take my dremel and drill little holes through them then string them up on a piece of rawhide. I hang them off of Bert's playgym and he goes to town!