Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last night, Thomas was eating raw garlic. As I've mentioned before, this is one of Max's favorite foods, though we limit how much she can eat. He said since she couldn't have any more, he would bond with her by allowing her to be near him after he'd eaten some garlic. And she did try to step up on his face!*************************
Over the weekend, Thomas was alone with the parrots. The camera was with me. Rocky was nesting in Thomas's flannel (I am not supposed to call it a housecoat!) He somehow managed to burrow into a sleeve. Thomas said it took him about 10 minutes to work his way to freedom; he was able to get his body all the way through the sleeve, but it took some work. I would have loved to have seen that!

When I was alone with the parrots last week, waiting for Thomas to get home from work, Rocky started to get really irritating. He was upset (possibly because Thomas wasn't home). Instead of playing with his toys or doing something else to pass the time, he decided to walk into the kitchen and start screaming. Again. I guess he felt I needed to know how upset he was!

Trying to salvage a bit of humor from the situation, I found an old CD from when I used to listen to country music in high school and played Travis Tritt's "Here's a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares" to him. Pretty soon we were all singing and dancing, and I found out that the parrots love country music!

Thomas was not pleased with this development...

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