Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clear escape

I've mentioned that Rocky has been opening Beeps's food doors, setting loose our unpredictable caique on unsuspecting humans who believe he's safely locked in his cage. And then there was the day when the two of them had their adventure.

I'd suspected that Rocky was doing this because he could -- to show us how smart he was. And possibly to stick it to us. The dangers of anthropomorphizing!Yesterday, we were eating dinner. Beeps was locked in his cage (if he's out while we're eating, he attacks us). Rocky climbed up his cage and we could see his intent was to let him out, so we watched the process. We learned that Rocky has this mastered, so it takes him less than 5 seconds to get in.

We also realized the real reason Rocky opens the door. Letting Beeps out is just an unintended result. He wants to get at Beeps's food. How did we miss this?


Richard Lyon (And Harley) said...

Thats exactly why Harley macaw lets Kiwi out! But not Kermit - Kermit bites his toes while he is climbing up. And she isn't so big on coming out of her cage anyway (sometimes staying in the whole evening, with the door wide open).

Beloved Parrot said...

I love parrots!