Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend alone

Thomas had to go to a conference last weekend, so I was alone with the parrots. They were surprisingly well-behaved!

I've been referring to it as "Calypso's Glorious Weekend." Not only did he get Thomas out of the house for the entire weekend, but in the rush to get Thomas to the airport Friday morning, I forgot to lock him in his cage. He behaved, playing with toys, and not attacking Beeps.

Max figured out that water drunk in coffee cups is at perfect timneh size:Stella continued making loud noises (by banging the colander on the sink):And then pretending she has no idea why I came over:I volunteered at an aid station for a trail run. Here are all of the runners' drop bags:And when it was slow, I was making parrot toys for the shelter birds:
We missed Thomas, and were very happy to have him return!

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