Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A green grey

Recently, Rocky must have been having an identity crisis, thinking he was a grey. He went into Stella's vacated cage to eat her food:Note that this is the exact same food on the top of his cage:It must taste better if it's illicit.

Later, he went down to her foraging drawers and started chipping up her wood (photo taken secretly while I was on the couch, through the lizards' stand).
Note that he also has foraging drawers and more wood than he can chip.

Stella was on Calypso's cage, so she didn't mind the intrusion.

Finally, he returned to reality:
Thomas's lap. That's the macaw I know!

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Elizabeth said...

Our newest bird does this too. He's a bully so sometimes he knocks Audrey off the food dish to eat, even though an identical food dish with identical food is 6 inches away. Birds! Every time he's caught pushing Audrey around, Trevor is put in time out. I hope he'll eventually learn, especially since he's almost double Audrey's weight.