Monday, June 14, 2010

Alone with Rocky

When Thomas was out of town, the greys and caiques were with me in the kitchen. Rocky chose to go in the living room and play by himself. Which he did, for over an hour. Apparently at some point, he felt the need to come in and irritate me.

He just walked in and started screaming! There is no reason for this!

We were out of town last week, and when Thomas mentioned that he missed the parrots, I played this video for him, as it was still on my camera.


Best in Flock said...

I started playing the video and Mika came tearing down the side of her cage to get at the screaming bird. Luckily the video stopped before Mika took a flying leap at the computer. :)

Mary said...

I wish I could get my other parrots to show disapproval to Rocky when he screams. They are completely oblivious to it! Maybe Mika needs to stay with us for a while :)

I feel that he might take parrot disapproval more seriously than he takes human disapproval, but I could be wrong. If they reacted, it might just encourage him more :)

belovedparrot said...

One of my cockatiels (Nicholas) can get really loud and annoying when he gets going. After awhile it even gets on my nerves, and I'll knock on the table or whistle -- sometimes that works, most time not.

Charli, my brown-head, on the other hand, will listen to Nicholas for maybe three minutes and then give a LOUD squawk. This stops Nicholas, sometimes for as long as a few minutes.

But Nicholas loves his own voice and doesn't let pesky humans or parrots sway him from his determination to share his vocals.