Friday, June 25, 2010

Radish party

Like most Thursdays, I went up to the parrot rescue yesterday afternoon. I always leave later than planned -- especially now that there's a severe macaw up there who loves me. He is so adorable it is almost physically painful to tear myself away, making me stay later than planned almost every single week!

This results in Thursday being the one day of the week that Thomas usually gets home from work before me. As soon as I walked in, he was telling me all of the fun things that I missed and how we should have two cameras so he could have taken pictures.

He'd taken some pictures on his cell phone, but we're not sure how to get them off and on to the computer.

The big news was a radish party that Max and Rocky had had. Thomas had pictures of them eating the radishes, but I only got home in time to see the aftermath.

Max:Rocky:The other thing he'd taken pictures of was Beeps hanging out on the granola container, but since Beeps was still doing that when I got home, I got pictures of that as well!I had bought some flavored pretzels at the farmers' market earlier in the week. Notice Stella in the background, helping herself! She thinks she's pretty sneaky -- look at that expression!
She has an amazing ability to ferret out treats:
Thomas was kind of in a goofy mood, and the parrots had been a little irritating. They usually are when they first come out of their cages. They're so happy to be out and to see us that they fly around, explore quite a bit, and are a bit clingy. He doesn't usually see this, as they've gotten it out of their system by the time he gets home.

He started giving Beeps a lecture about how lucky he is to live with us where we take care of his needs and he gets to eat things like pretzels, instead of being like the robins outside who have to eat ants. (Of course he was joking as we both firmly believe that parrots would be better off if humans had never captured them and made them live in captivity).

And Beeps started dancing! I made him lecture Beeps again, but he only danced a little bit this time.

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